TypeOnsite Course
DateFeb 20, 2018
Time3.45 - 5.45pm
PlaceZealley House, Greenhill Way, Kingsteignton, TQ12 3SB
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Introducing Decimals and Percentages

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Suitable for: Aspirant leaders, subject leaders, middle leaders and class teachers

This aim of this workshop is to develop confidence in teachers about how best to introduce percentages and the links with decimals and fractions. Participants will use concrete and pictorial representations to better understand key concepts and the link with fractions as percentages being parts of a whole. We will look at calculating percentages of amounts and how the bar model can be used to introduce this topic and expose structure.

Key Outcomes:

  • Participants will feel confident in their understanding of how the teaching of percentages
  • Participants will have a range of practical strategies for teaching percentages with conceptual understanding and feel confident in these.

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